Saturday, April 7, 2012

It seems there's some confusion about the status of Jaal still - some friends have written to me saying they have been desperately looking for the book but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere! Wanted to clarify that Jaal will be in the bookshops only in May 2012 - probably towards the middle of the month. It's being launched with a great deal of fanfare by Pan MacMillan, so it should be easily - and prominently - available in all major outlets once it's in print!

Also, do make an effort and leave comments on the blog, folks! I know you are all busy, but it takes just a couple of minutes and would be a great morale-booster for me! And just think - when the book's a best-seller, wouldn't it be great to know that you've played a very special role in giving life to the world of the Kaal Trilogy?! I expect all my friends out there to pitch in and help and spread the good word - and I'll love you for it!    

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  1. Congratulations Sangeeta, it's wonderful to know that the launch of your first book is imminent. Many a high school day was spent looking studiously into a text book while actually devouring your writings that were tucked away into the book! i know that many of us sat through class with one eye on you writing furiously, waiting for you to "publish" the next chapter of your story! How inspirational to see a dream nurtured for 30 years and now about to take wing.

    I cant wait to read Jaal and the rest of the trilogy.
    Best wishes