Thursday, May 3, 2012

In case you all are wondering what it takes to write a book like Jaal, I'll be spewing several pearls of wisdom on that in the next few days! It does take a sort of a dustbin mind in which all kinds of strange and interesting information generally accumulates!  One example of such curiosities is the news you can read in the following link.  It is nuggets such as these gleaned over the years, mixed with a liberal dose of imagination, that creates a fantasy-epic such as Jaal!!  Besides, of course, trawling through the writings and recorded wisdom of saints, philosophers  and other interesting, different and amazing  people.


  1. I was wondering how long does it take to write such a book?

  2. Awesome read ..the first book ..
    Loved it ..
    Waiting for the second installment..
    Please make it soon ..
    Spent the last few days imagining myself as Arihant and Ritayu combined :)

    PS: If this really is the official blog for your book .. please get someone to work on it .. Could be made a lot more interesting .
    For starters , the latest blog should be first ...

  3. hi,

    I just finished reading the book. I liked it. Am waiting for the 2nd book.
    I am really very happy with the way the story has been written including so many different sciences, ideas,beliefs and bundling them into one whole.