Friday, August 17, 2012

As usual, I have not been posting as often as I would have liked to - and only partly out of laziness, I'm proud to say! A big reason has been the fact that I've finally managed to roll up my sleeves and plunge back into the world of Kaal, and am working hard on the sequel to Jaal. I'm calling it 'Vikraal' which, for those of you who have never heard the word before, translates into something like 'terrifyingly immense'. About 150 pages are already written _ I'm still patting myself on the back!

This is where the story shifts gears, moving onto another plane altogether. In Jaal, the seeds of the story were planted and the basic framework of the tapestry - the size, the pattern, the colours - was laid down. Vikraal will fill in the details, as it were: there is intrigue and politics, strategy and mischief on a grand scale, individual ambition interwoven with the fates of kingdoms and empires, metaphysical evolutions, life-changing discoveries and, at last, love (the dazzling variety)and, ahem, lust (the sizzling but aesthetic variety; I'm not planning to compete with Fifty Shades of Grey, at least not in this trilogy!). I would, however, love to hear your opinions on that...

I have also, very recently, started a Facebook page for Jaal, and the attempt will be to keep in touch with all of you there more regularly.        

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